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15 years of GCC exposure (UAE & Oman) specialized in Projects and Contracts Management Required Job

15 years of GCC exposure (UAE & Oman) specialized in Projects and Contracts
Management, Revenue Generation, People Management, Business Development,
Key Accounts, Cost Valuation,New Initiatives, Marketing Strategies ,
Campaigns and Risk Management.

 Specialized in Hospitality sourcing as well as commercial Interior Turn
key Fit out Projects in UAE. Enhance a sound network with leading Design
consultants, Project Directors, Architects, Interior Designers, Project
 Collaborated and maintain a good relationship with potential clientele
base consist of Leading Property Developers, Holding companies , Real
Estate Companies, Investment firms, Design Architects, Star Hotel Groups,
Corporate Hospitality Companies, Chain of Fine Dining Restaurants,
Designers of Luxury villas and Mall Management as well as other
professional services relationships that could be leveraged to create
business opportunities.

 Played a vital role in governing business leads with sales team for
Interior Turn Key Fit out projects & Services and offered professional,
expert and balanced guidance
 Took part in Index – Interior Fit Out Exhibition, Sky Scrapper, Property
Development in Dubai International Exhibition Center
 Strategized the implementation of 100% payment collection strategy for
all commercial contracts by negotiating favourable payment terms and
subsequent payment follow up

Currently looking to take up roles in Revenue Generation, Project
Management, commercial side, Risk Analysis and Business Development in
companies across Property Developer ,JV, Investment, Holding Companies,
Interior Fit Out Turnkey - Projects, Construction firms in UAE - Dubai /
Abu Dhabi .

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